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Our works are being seen everywhere, here are some of the latest sightings—

Steven Mufson. "Field of Schemes: A Crude Case For War?" The Washington Post. Sunday, March 16, 2008; Page B01.
"It's hard to miss the point of the 'Blood for Oil' Web site. It features one poster of an American flag with 'Blood for oil?' in white block letters where the stars should be and two dripping red handprints across the stripes. Another shows a photo of President Bush with a thin black line on his upper lip. 'Got oil?' the headline asks wryly.

"Five years after the United States invaded Iraq, plenty of people believe that the war was waged chiefly to secure U.S. petroleum supplies and to make Iraq safe — and lucrative — for the U.S. oil industry..."

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A Presidential Rogues Gallery: Satirical Posters 1960-Present
The humor and artistry of protest posters offer powerful commentary on political issues. Well suited as a means to critique the powers-that-be, posters targeting the presidents of the United States demonstrate a special brand of satire. Lampooned or lambasted, these presidential posters hold our political leaders accountable for social ills, make fun of their foibles, and act as a call to spur activism around a wide range of causes. If you can laugh at someone, you can also challenge him.

Spanning administrations from Lyndon Johnson's to the present, the posters in A Presidential Rogues Gallery have nothing in common with the traditional electoral posters that support one candidate over another. Whether mobilizing against war, criticizing social policy, or revealing hypocrisy, this exhibition targets both Republicans and Democrats.

Virtual Exhibit
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
8124 West Third Street, Suite 211
Los Angeles, CA 90048-4309

Anti-war Poster Exhibition at the North of Nowhere Expo
Multidisciplinary Festival of Independent Media and Underground Art

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 16 Sep 2005 - 30 Sep 2005
The North of Nowhere Expo is a non-profit activist-arts festival which is committed to fostering the awareness of the arts as tools for positive social change. Organized by the Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton Small Press Association, the Edmonton Public Library, the Alberta Public Interest Research Group, and many others.

Stanley A. Milner Library
7 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2 Sep 2005 - 30 Oct 2005

Red Strap Market
10305 97th Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
16 Sep 2005 - 30 Sep 2005

The Bomb Shelter
10145 104th Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
16 Sep 2005 - 30 Sep 2005

Fear Will Not Silence Us
Join Not In Our Name to celebrate creative resistance with "Fear Will Not Silence Us," an anti-militarism art show featuring work from Hawaii to Cali to the NY islands. Art, Music, Culture, Dance and Hope. Exhibit includes photos, sculptures, posters, films, and paintings that all unite against the militarist society. Music by the Apostles and Outernational. Films curated by 3rd I - NY, Guerilla News Network and independant filmmakers.

There will be an auction, film, DJs and live music. Proceeds will go to Not In Our Name will be used to build for protests at the Republican National Convention.

Opening Night Saturday August 21 at 7pm 'til late, $8-$15
24 August 2004 - 03 September 2004
Alwan for the Arts
16 Beaver Street (between Broadway & Broad in the Financial District)
New York City, New York, USA
tel: +1 212 7601722

Art and Democracy
Artists respond to political developments since the great events of 1989. Presented in partnership with the Visual Artists Guild.
20 June 2004 - 08 August 2004
Angels Gate Cultural Center
3601 South Gaffey Street
San Pedro, California 90731, USA
tel: +1 310 5190936

Fear Will Not Silence Us
Anti-militarism works by Bay Area artists featuring live music, fashion, video/film, photography, poster art, performance and more. Presented by Not In Our Name, Bay Area. View event photos.
26 June 2004, 8pm
French Fry Factory
278 4th Street
Oakland, California, USA
tel: +1 510 6018000

Designs on Democracy: Communication for Liberation
Conference on the strategic role of graphic communications, public relations and guerilla marketing in the service of organizing for justice.
26 March 2004 - 28 March 2004
UC Berkeley, and at KPFA radio
Berkeley, California, USA

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